Hello everyone.   We’re the team of Brenda and Darrell, and we’d like to take an opportunity to thank you for stopping to look at our website.   We’ve been married for almost 29 years in July, and it’s been a blessing in some ways, for I’ve never been sick a day in my life, but sadly, I’ve undergone 24 major surgeries to my old body and now suffer a permanent disability with spinal stenosis, it seems to never stop.   On the other side of this marriage coin, it seems my wife gets sick a lot, and she’s “never” has surgeries, this it is an equal balance between us.   This site is just made up old photos we’ve found laying around, some that were made up in an Abode PSE-11 program to learn how to use Photoshop, and many pictures of places we’ve traveled in 29 years of marriage.    These photos are free for you to take and use, so have fun with them.   Again, thanks for stopping by.